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picspam: top ten men

top ten men
i would take to my bed
'cause that's how i roll

----> #10

I adore this man. I saw him first in Alice as Mad Hatter and god, he was gorgeous! Obviously then I had to watch more and the more I saw the more I fell in love. Just another of them silly brits that I can't get enough of.

----> #09

This one kind of crept up on me. His name I somehow always knew but I never really ... realised how much I adored him until Star Trek. Since then I've been on a romp catching up on his works and I squee at the brilliance!

----> #08

Another one that came blaring at me with the release of Star Trek. He is gorgeous, isn't he? I have not really seen much else he's been in, but I AM on it! rawwr ;)

----> #07

Joshua Jackson. Why is it that there are so many people out there that I have somehow always known but never ... you know? Well, he is another one of those. No idea how I first got to know about him, can't remember (though I DO remember watching all the Ice Hockey movies back in the day ;)). But I began Fringe and I was done for. After Fringe came Dawson's Creek and I only fell more in love with him. The moment I absolutely went over to his side was when he held Pacey Con this summer!

----> #06

WHY YES THIS IS ME WITH RUPERT GRINT! I had to use that picture, right? I've loved him since movie one and he has always been in my list. Meeting him over the summer, talking to him, joking with him ... it was one of the most amazing things ever. Though I am sad to see the Potter movies ending the big Potter cycle I've been part of for 12 years, I cannot wait to see HIM go on! btw - don't we make a handsome couple? I very much think so!

----> #05

Oh John ... I saw him first in a preview for Life On Mars on German telly, years ago, and even back then I wanted to see this man act. I never caught it back then but once I saw him as Master, I made sure to right that wrong and - oh . my . god. He is breathtaking! I saw him perform as Hamlet about two weeks ago and more or less bumped into him after the show outside but chickened out of talking to him. Too much fangirly adoration ;)

----> #04

I think many of you can agree that Brokeback Mountain was a sort of revelation. Or, well, at least it was a movie that had me and my late mother in tears. Jake was amazing and breathtaking but it took me more time, it took me watching Donnie Darko to really feel blown away and then I went to see Prince Of Persia and since I am all over him!

----> #03

IAAAN! obsession, I tell you. I first saw him as Damon (though I knew he was in Lost) when I started TVD last year. But I didn't get into the show and stopped after 4 episodes. Then I started watching Lost as a favour to a friend and ... stopped when they killed off Boone *coughs* xD Then I watched the rest of TVD and the rest, as they say, is history.

----> #02

Yes, well, if anyone is still surprised to find him in this list, up high, we must have never talked. IT'S BLOODY DAVID TENNANT! 'nuff said, thanks a lot ;)

----> #01

Bradley. Oh you silly, random, smart, sexy, gorgeous creature of a man! For more than a year now, he has been at the top of this list and he just keeps sucking me back in. Only yesterday I stared at 4 screencaps of his for 15 minutes straight. I just love him so so much. Him and Angel on the female side ... my absolute favourites!


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