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shak', shak', shake, shake-a-shake it!

There's a certain new promo picture out there for Merlin.
It has turned me into a puddle of goo.
I had to do something.

[o10] Merlin Icons
[oo8] Merlin Spoiler Icons
[oo6] Merlin Wallpapers (SPOILERS FOR 3x12/13)

None of these are artistic geniuses or something of the like. It's just something thrown together quickly because I physically had to ... while watching Prison Break (I think my brain might not survived today. The Boyband plus Wentworth Miller ... GUH!).

If you want a specific text or man-combo for an icon, tell me in the comments and I'll see what I can do. No promises though ;)

All the wallpapers are 1280x800</a> and have different texts so just click about and ... well, of you like 'em, choose ^^

[+] Please comment
[+] Always credit when you take!
[+] Textless icons are not to be used as bases!
[+] Feel free to FRIEND me!

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