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Now online: the brand new Angel Coulby website!

Hey everyone!

Finally, after what feels like aeons (though it was only roughly a week) we can present you with the brand new website for the amazing actress Angel Coulby!

The team of the site, that is me purely_distel, nicolemissing, robinmarian and la_esmeralda_ are proud to announce the website, finally, officially open for business!

Please come on over, take a look around, tell us what you think and bask in the liquid awesomeness that is the beautiful Angel Coulby!

See you there,

The Team
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hey everyone.

I decided to move all my fan fictions to another place. I've been writing more lately and I wanted to keep my graphics and fiction separate.

I've written a good handful of new Merlin fan fictions, just in case anyone is interested. So, I would be ever so happy, if you would join/watch my fan fiction community:


To see my mature rated stories, you have to join ;)

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john simm icons

Hey everyone.

I am not yet really back into the whole icons/fandom/livejournal business but I am getting there. I tried making icons for the last couple of weeks and it never worked. As in, seriously, my icons were horrible.

Then, last night, I went to see the magnificent and amazing John Simm perform as Hamlet and it was as if someone had snapped their finger and today I made these John Simm icons and, if I dare say so myself, I love them a lot!

So, I hope you can enjoy them as well!

[o17] John Simm icons (photoshoots)


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