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RPF - Surgically Amplified Rain And Other Nonsense

Title: Surgically Amplified Rain And Other Nonsense
Author: purely_distel
Character/Pairing: diapadme/David Tennant
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2198
Beta: none yet ^^
Right, just what she needed. Rain. It just figured that the day she finally arrived for her first visit to London her previously booked hotel was full, she was shoved into what felt like a cupboard in a hostel right next to where a sign reading "Nowhere" could have stood and now it was raining. Not just little droplets. No. Huge, wet, cold drops that seemed to have been surgically amplified - at least that's what they felt like.
OKay, so as you can see, this is real person fic and was born simply out of my love for diapadme. She deserves this like WHOA (probably more even). Some of you might like to take a look at his, some of you wont, some might ask "Where is you new REAL Fic?" (btw: It's with the betas ;) ) and some might even yell for a sequel (yep, had that already in my personal journal).

Erm ... first RPF in my life - be gentle xD

Surgically Amplified Rain And Other Nonsense

Right, just what she needed. Rain. It just figured that the day she finally arrived for her first visit to London her previously booked hotel was full, she was shoved into what felt like a cupboard in a hostel right next to where a sign reading "Nowhere" could have stood and now it was raining. Not just little droplets. No. Huge, wet, cold drops that seemed to have been surgically amplified - at least that's what they felt like.

With a shriek that might have been considered hysteric, she tried to flee the deathly rockets from the sky by holding the magazine she had intended to read over her hand and running for live. Go figure that it started to rain like this when she, clad in the sunny clothes that fitted the promised 26 degrees, had had every intention of sitting on her own on the lovely meadow she had found. Figures, this meadow was somewhere exactly between the signs "Nowhere" and "For Hell, turn right".

There had to be some sort of ... something. ANYTHING that would shield her. She tried to blink through the curtain of rain in front of her but could not make out anything except grey shapes a long way from here.

Still splashing through the puddles on the now muddy lane, started shivering. Everything on her was soaked and the wetness was starting to make her blood run cold as well, she started to shiver.

Suddenly, the splashing stopped. The road!. At least that was some sort of accomplishment, she had found the road again and with some luck, the rain would soon sub seed and maybe she would even able to seduce the driver of some car to at least driver her a few miles until she was back at her ... cupboard of hell.

"God damn England!", she swore, flunked the spongy magazine aside and started walking up and down the road, desperately trying to get some sort of warmth back in her limbs. What had been so great about the United Kingdom again?! For some sort of reason, nothing came to mind that made any sort of sense to her.

Why hadn't she stayed at home? Hadn't her parents warned her about something like this? Hadn't everyone? OK, so, no, they hadn't. Actually, most people had been urging her on, up front Hestia the blasted cow, swearing this would be the trip of a lifetime for her. No such luck, nut head.

She was so focused on her hatred of the island, that she didn't even note the car that had crept up the road with as little speed as possible. Only when someone honked rather affronting, did she hear.

Having her back to the car and, therefore, the noise, she jumped at least a foot and shrieked again - perfect. Flying around, she only just made out the car in front of her and someone madly waving for her to come over.

Had her prayers been heard? Well, not so much prayers, more like angry shouts to the guys up above but who cared. Clutching her bag to her side again, she ran at top speed to the car, wrenched open the co-drivers side and, while jumping in, slammed the door shut again. Might have been a little rude and demanding but, really, she was desperate and desperate women in wet clothes were allowed to act irrational every once in a while.

"Oh my god, thank you so much!" She was still blinking, trying to unblurr her vision while at the same time running a hand over her face and her hair to appear as presentable as possible given the circumstances.

"Another one believing we would have full blown sunshine, then?", said an amused voice next to her and the tone of the voice, the way and manner of speaking made her pause. Right, so now she was going bonkers. Because if she was still among the sane this voice could not belong to anyone except, and this was a very far catch here ...

For the first time since performing the action-hero like jump into the, she looked to the driver, sitting next to her. One hand was resting on the stirring wheel while the other was apparently searching for something. Actually, she only saw one side of the drivers body because most of it was, by this point, bend over frantically searching for something on his back seat. Still there was no mistaking him.

She was sitting in David Tennant's car. Full stop.

So she hadn't lost her grip on sanity but considering the little amount of air she had been consuming for the past minute, it wasn't a far way to go. She was still staring when he gave out an victorious "Ah HA!" and turned back.

Quickly, she turned away and looked outside, the rain still purring down like judgement day had come early.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Breath, act normal. Turn around, answer.

She turned around, a rather barmy and still shaky (she was still shivering, after all!) smile on her lips. "Oh, no, just fine. Little cold but ... fine and dandy." 'Fine and dandy'?! She just knew the moment she came home, the letter announcing her winning this years award for "The Most Stupid Line Used In Front Of A Celebrity" would jump her. Maybe she should step outside and practise bowing while thing smashed into her, might come in handy while standing on stage and being thrown at by the audience.

"Er, right. So, here. I'm sorry, it's used. But it's the best I can offer just now."

She snapped back to the present from exiting the podium wearing a banana peel for a head and stared at him. David was looking at her with a worried frown on his face, holding out a towel apparently for her to use.

"S .. ssorry. Just, like I said ... little shaken. Been out there for a while." She decided against trying the smiling approach again and grabbed the towel gratefully.

"Well, it did come out of nowhere. I supposed you're excused for running around in a top and shorts." She was just about to mob her face with the fluffy piece of fabric and this time did grin a little, though not meeting his eyes.

While running the towel over her face and hair, it sunk in for real. She was sitting in a car with David Tennant, he was talking to her, smiling even, less than a meter away and right now she was running a towel all over her body he had used before.

For some reason, she felt her legs give out and was rather grateful to find she was already sitting down.

Right, take a deep breath, like this, yeah, exactly. And now just act like you don't know him, like you haven't seen him naked before and ... OK, not working.

Her "Thank you" sounded a lot more like a mouse with asthma than an actual sentence but it was the best she could do right now. Several moments of silence followed that had her looking from David to the window and the purring rain and back again.

"Right ..." She looked over when he started to talk. "So you know me, I guess?" He was running a hand rather uncertainly up and down his neck while looking at her.

"Er ... yes, yes, actually, yes, I do." Score, girl. Now pull yourself together! "I'm sorry. It's just all a little, well, much, you know. First I'm nearly killed my these surgically amplified rain drops out there and then, when finally a car drives up, you happen to sit inside it. Might throw many people for a loop." She bit her lip and looked over and was relieved to see and hear him laughing.

"All right, I'll give you that." His sparkling eyes rounded on her again. "But you're not from here, are you? Not that your English is bad or anything. Just that you do talk with an accent."

She was just about to answer, happily feeling her body warming up and finding her shyness decreasing, when he interrupted her again.

"Oh my, my manners. Never mind that you know my name." He held out his hand to her over the short space between them. "David. What's you name?"

She bit her lip again, feeling the rest of her shyness boil up for another moment, before taking his hand and shaking it. "Julia but, you can call me Jules. And, no, I'm not from here. I'm from Germany so ... I hope my English isn't too terrible."

David was still holding her hand and it felt amazingly warm - and dry, not forget about the dryness.

"Oh no, your English is lovely, really. I'd be happy if I talked German like that. 'Wie geht es dir' is as far as I get." He finally let go of her hand while both of them laughed a little. It was easy to laugh with him.

"So, what were you doing out here in the middle of nowhere on your own?" He asked after another few moments of silence.

"Oh well, actually I would say this place is directly on the boarder from 'Nowhere' to 'hell' but that's beside the point. I wanted to enjoy the sun and read a little. My hostel is down the road."

"Oh, really? Well, might I do you the honour of driving you home once the rain stops? Not that you're not lovely company or anything but I don't suppose running around in a nearly see-through top is your thing." The sentence was delivered with an easy laugh and a wink and still made her cross her arms over her chest while blushing furiously. Right, white top. She had forgotten. Had she said one award?! Wasn't there a nomination up for "Most Lousy Attempt At Unintentionally Seduction" as well?

but, to Jules utter amazement, this incident prooved to be the last and soon she was actually talking to David Tennant, a real conversation with laughs, wild gestures and even, dared she say it, flirting. And hell - the man knew how to flirt. After an hour in the never-ending rain she came to the conclusion blushing every time would not get her anywhere so she decided to go with it instead, give a little back of what she received. Not that she was any real good at it compared to him but still, it made things in the car even more comfortable and she found herself wishing the rain wouldn't end at all.

But of course, it had to at some point and all to soon they were driving down the road, nearing her hostel.

"Right, welcome home." David said with a grin when he parked the car infront of the door.

"Shut up ..." Jules replied with a grin. Thing became quiet in the car, Jules feeling unsure how to, well, end this. "Well, thanks for saving my life out there, I suppose." She looked over to him and found him studying her. Apparently is was his turn to bite his lip and she could barely keep her eyes from the image that action provided.

"Yeah ... ", he replied after a long while, seemingly still deep in thought, his eyes still focused on her face, but never meeting her eyes.

"David?" Jules awkwardly waved a hand infront of his eyes. His eyes focused on her. "Right, sorry ... sorry I just ... sorry."

Jules was just about to ask what exactly he was sorry for when David leaned forward, grabbed the back of her head with one of his hands and brought his lips down on her, sealing them in what only could be described as one hell of a kiss. Before she had time to react, it was over. Still in total shock and slightly out of breath, she stared at him, open mouthed.

"Okay ...", she started, finally, unsure of what to say or do.

"Yeah, right. Good to have you out of the rain, had fun saving your life, don't mention it. Right. So, you're back at the hostel. Have a good time in England, hope you'll like it here and ... well, you know, see you." He did not once look at her while he said it.

"Yeah", was the only thing that resembled a reply in any sort of way and because nothing else was coming from him, she took hold of her bag, opened the cars doors and stepped out. "See you, then, I guess ..." Or not, were her thoughts when David throw a nearly panicked smile at her, reached over, closed the door from inside, started the car and drove away, this time it was him hitting top speed, not her.

Jules was left standing, staring after him for several minutes. Right, so she had been kissed, no, scratch that, full and properly snogged by David Tennant who had seen her top less, not counting the not-so-see-through-any-more white top she was wearing.

Yeah, well, maybe Hestia was right just as the Doctor had been. Only Britain was great.
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